This Week In Tech 06/18-06/24/2017

This week Uber CEO Travis Kalinik stepped down. OnePlus announced the OnePlus 3.

Just a PSA the reason I’ve not been posting a lot since E3 is. I’ve been trying to find more people to write for the site. 

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This Week In Tech 06/04-06/10/2017

This week Nintendo and The Pokémon Company hosted a Pokémon Direct. Apple hosted their WWDC developers conference. EA started off E3 with their conference and lots more.

At the Direct Nintendo announced alot such as Pokén Tournament DX which is a rerelease of Pokén Tournament for Nintendo Switch! Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for 3DS a alternative storyline of Pokémon Sun and Moon. I wrote a decently comprehensive article about the Direct on the video games page.

At WWDC Apple announced lots of stuff. Such as software updates lots of agreat software updates. They also announced lots of new products such as updates to the iPad Pro, iMac and, a new line of Macs the iMac Pro. I also wrote an article on the article is on the Apple page.

But there’s one more thing from the apple event. They announced a fully new product it’s called the HomePod. It’s like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Jurnalists that were ar the announcmnt say that the speeker in it is good.

At their E3 keynote EA announced lots of new games. The first of which was the new Need For Speed. They also announced a new iPhone called A Way Out. 

In the week ahead we have the rest of E3. 

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This Week In Tech 05/28-06/03/2017

This week Andy Rubin showed off images of his latest project the Essential Phone. Nintendo hosted the second week of the Arms Testpunch.

This week Andy Rubin (the co-founder of Android) showed off his latest project the Essential Phone a mint Android phone which will run N. Also announced the Essential Home which is like the Google Home but does computations locally.

On the Testpunch I’ll probably write a full article on the topic in the next week. But overall I liked it Twintelle was my favorite character.

In the week ahead Apple will be hosting their WWDC conference

This Week In Tech 05/13-05/20/2017

This week Google hosted their I/O conference, HTC announced their U11 phone, right to repair is in, Nintendo hosted another Direct, Biz Stone is back at Twitter. 

At I/O Google announced lots of updates to Google Assistant, Photos, and lots more. They also announced Google Lens. For more information go to my post about I/O. And also lots of stuff, this summer Google Home is coming to Canada, Australia and a couple of other countries. Android also got some updates (the beta version of Android O is out you can enroll at

On Tuesday HTC announced the HTC U11. It features Edge Sense that feature does stuff when you squeeze the sides of the phone. It has a 5.5 inch screen, a 12 megapixel rear camera and a 16 megapixel front camera, quick charge. Starting at $650 for 64 GB. 

This Week In Tech 05/07-05/13/2017

This week amazon announced the Echo Look and the Echo Show. Microsoft hosted their build confrence and announced that they will realese a competitor to the echo.

Last Tuesday Amazon announced that they will be realecing two new Echo devices at the end of june. The Echo Look is a artificually inteligent camera with alexa style check which basically is meant to tell you if your clothes look good on you, and the Echo Show which is an Echo with a screen meant for the kitchen that has a screen and a webcam. They also announced that all Echo devices will get voice calling and the Show will get video calling.


Last week Microsoft hosted thier Build confrence from Wendsday to Firday. They announced that iTunes

in the week ahead Google I/O starts on Wendsday for updates Follow The Tech News Source on Twitter and Me on Twitter



This Week In Tech 04/30-05/06/2017

This microsoft hosted their EDU event. Pokémon was inducted into the video game hall of fame, Turkish courts vote on censorship of Wikipedia, 

On Tuesday Microsoft hosted an event I didn’t write about it because I was really busy. They announced the Surface Laptop, Microsoft Teams for Schools, and lots more. A link to an article about the event by The Verge will be at the end of this article

In other news Pokémon is one of this years inductees in to the Video Games Hall Of Fame. Also before I forget Microsoft announced that they are having an event in Shanghai on May 23rd. 

The Turkish government this week decided to censor Wikipedia because they claim that Wikipedia pages connect the country to terrorism. 

In the week ahead in the case of this blog I’ll try to finally get my Nintendo Switch review out and start posting more. Google I/ O is coming up in a couple of weeks so there should be lots more content by than. 

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This Week In Tech 04/09-04/15/2017

This week Nintendo announced sales data for Switch, also that they are killing of the NES Classic Edition, also hosted a direct. EA announced realece info for Star Wars Battlefront II.

Nintendo said the Switch console has sold 906,000 units after 28 days on sale, while the accompanying Zelda Breath of the Wild actually sold more copies than physical consoles at 925,000. and also announced that they are going to stop manufacturing the NES Classic and hosted a Direct on Wendsday I wrote a full article about it.

On Saturday Electronic Arts announced a release window for Star Wars BattleFront II at Star Wars Celebration. It will come out in November on PC, PS4, and Xbox One