This Week In Tech 12/04-12/09/2017

Tbis week Microsoft launched Windows on Arm, The Game Awards, DeepMind’s self training AI, And Woz “bit the bullet on the iPhone X”.

On Thursday The Game Awards happened. there were lots of awards given out (I’ll write a full article soon). Also Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild won Game Of The Year. There were also lots of new games announced.

Last week Google’s DeepMind announced that they made an AI that can teach its self, named Alpha Zero. Alpha Zero beat Alpha Go, it beat DeepBlue in 4 hours.

In other news, Microsoft announced Windows on arm and Steve Wazniak said that he doesn’t like the iPhone X.


This Week In Tech 11/26-12/02/17

This week Apple had a bunch of security issues on mac, Google bans lockscreen ads, Tesla batteries are running in Australia, The founder of Vine is working on a new app.

Last Tuesday someone tweeted about a security issue with all Macs running Mac OS High Sierra. The bug is basically the ability to login to the Macs root account without the password. Apple realeced a patch to MacOS but the next update broke the patch. And an IOS update caused a bunch of iPhones to crach.

Vine Co-Founder Dom Hofmann said (on Twitter) that he’s working on a new app. Nothing more is known about this new project. In a follow-up tweet he talked about a project called Innerspace

In other news, Tesla finished building Australia’s electric battery gird . and Google has banned ads from being put on the lockscreen in Android.

In The Week Ahead

Dell Earnings: Thursday

Future Of Money And Tech Summit: Monday

TechChrunch Disrupt Berlin: Monday and Tuesday

Net Neutrality Is The Fight We Have To Win

By Sam Greenwod

November 28, 2017

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is essentially fairness and equality on the internet and that all internet data is the same. This is important because it would effect your money, your rights, other guidelines, and the world overall because the US has a massive influence over the rest of the world.

Why is it important?

It’s important because losing net neutrality would cause the cost of internet access to go up and it would also allow telecom companies to make internet “fast lanes” and zero-rating practices. This could also cause changes in other parts of the world especially in Europe where rules are a lot stricter and they already have a couple of rules that borderline break net neutrality, it essentially means that if you ask for something about you to be removed from the internet it has to be.

What’s going to change when these rules are adopted?

Nothing, that’s the issue everything previously described is going to become legal could possibly become legal (even though companies still kind of still try to do it with loopholes in the law) on December 14th..

What else will happen with the rule changes?

As part of the rule changes broadband will be removed from title 2 which means that it won’t be considered a utility. This means that poor people won’t get subsidies from the government for internet access.

How To Fight

sign the petition at:
file a complaint to the FCC at:
Read the full proposal at:

This Week In Tech 10/29-11/04/2017

Broadcomm bids to buy Qualcomm, the Razer phone was announced, the Nintendo Switch has sold more than the Wii U, and

The Razor phone was announced the Razor Phone last Tuesday. here are the specs

  • 5.72-inch IGZO display with 120 Hz refresh rate and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)
  • Dolby ATMOS sound, dual front-facing speakers and amplifiers (certified by THX)
  • Dual camera with auto-focus and LED flash (12 MP, F/1.75 wide-angle and 13 MP, F/2.6 zoom camera)
  • Long-life 4,000 mAh lithium-ion battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+
  • 8 GB RAM – enough for the most demanding games and apps
  • 4G Super-Voice

Last week during their quarterly earnings Nintendo said that they sold more Switchs then Wii Us. The Switch has been on sale for only 8 months and the Wii U was avalible for about 5 or 6 years

Super Mario Odyssey Review


I’ve not completely finished the came but I’m far enough to hav an opinion on the game I’ve just not beaten th final boss and finished the postgame.

Super Mario Odyssey is the newest gsme in the series of Super Mario RPGs. This is the first of its kind a almost fully open world Mario game. Almost meaning there is still the there is still the world mechanic, but the worlds are just called kingdoms. In the game you are collecting moons similar to stars in Mario 64.



The Gameplay is great. The game doesn’t lag at all and runs really fast. I love the moon format it’s really great, you sometimes canskip the kingdom bosses. You can play in handheld mode without lag. I reccogmend using the JoyCons to play because certin cappy actions recuire motion controls that only are possible with the JoyCons. Oh right I almost forgot that there are about 500 postgame moons.



The story is good basicallly Bowser wants to marry Peach and you as Mario is trying to prevent the wedding in this game Bowser is not working with the kupas but brutals.


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This Week In Tech 10/21-10/28/2017

sorry for releasing this late I’ve been really busy.

This week Nintendo announced an Animal Crossingmobile game, Google announced a new electronic payment system, the iPhone X is Avalible for pre-order, the most important thing I missed while I had computer problems was that Qualcomm made the first 5G connection. Super Mario Odyssey is out.

Google announced Google Pay a payment system that intigrates Android Pay and a few other things.

Super Mario Odyssey is out. It’s great. The game is long but it can be easy or hard depending on what you choose to do. I’ll be writing a full review of the game soon.

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