EA Keynote @ E3 2017

The first thing they showed was the trailer for Fifa 18 it looks good. after that they showed a long montage of eSports in Fifa. Than finally showed a trailer for a new game. It’s calles  A Way Out it’s built for for split-screen co-op but can be played online. Its about two guys who are in prison. 

The seccond game they showed off was Anthem. Find out more in my article about the Microsoft keymote

The next game they showed and the forst in EA Sports was NBA Live 18. You can try it out with a demo coming August. In multiplayer you will have a chance to play 5-on-5 pickup games.

Than last they brought Star Wars: Battlefornt II. All the origional gamemodes are returning. They added charecter class feature. They also said that the game takes plac between the end of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. All the DLC will be free..

Realece Date List:

A Way Out: Early 2018

FIFA 18:

Madden 18:

NBA Live 18:

NHL 18:

Star Wars: Battlefront II:



Battlefront Trailer: http://bit.ly/SWBF2Trailer

Battlefront Attack On Theed Gameplay:

NBA Live 18 Trailer: http://bit.ly/NBALive18Trailer

A Way Out: http://bit.ly/AWOTrailer



This Week In Tech 06/04-06/10/2017

This week Nintendo and The Pokémon Company hosted a Pokémon Direct. Apple hosted their WWDC developers conference. EA started off E3 with their conference and lots more.

At the Direct Nintendo announced alot such as Pokén Tournament DX which is a rerelease of Pokén Tournament for Nintendo Switch! Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for 3DS a alternative storyline of Pokémon Sun and Moon. I wrote a decently comprehensive article about the Direct on the video games page.

At WWDC Apple announced lots of stuff. Such as software updates lots of agreat software updates. They also announced lots of new products such as updates to the iPad Pro, iMac and, a new line of Macs the iMac Pro. I also wrote an article on the article is on the Apple page.

But there’s one more thing from the apple event. They announced a fully new product it’s called the HomePod. It’s like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Jurnalists that were ar the announcmnt say that the speeker in it is good.

At their E3 keynote EA announced lots of new games. The first of which was the new Need For Speed. They also announced a new iPhone called A Way Out. 

In the week ahead we have the rest of E3. 

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