My Overall Thoughts On The Arms Testpunch

It was great. The game was great and fun.i sometimes I had connectivity problems but only mostly the first week.

I enjoyed the game because it was fun the fighting was kind of fun. The motion controls were meh but generally worked. I found that for the majority the charecters that it was hard to move.

Twintelle was my favorite charecter because she is the easiest to comtrol.

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This Week In Tech 05/28-06/03/2017

This week Andy Rubin showed off images of his latest project the Essential Phone. Nintendo hosted the second week of the Arms Testpunch.

This week Andy Rubin (the co-founder of Android) showed off his latest project the Essential Phone a mint Android phone which will run N. Also announced the Essential Home which is like the Google Home but does computations locally.

On the Testpunch I’ll probably write a full article on the topic in the next week. But overall I liked it Twintelle was my favorite character.

In the week ahead Apple will be hosting their WWDC conference