Nintendo Switch Review 

I got my Nintendo Switch about 2 months ago and I love it. The library of games is decent Zelda is great(I might eventually right a full review of it) and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which realeced Friday(the best selling video game of the year so far) the indie games are good though.

The system its self us decent it doesn’t have the same amount of processing power and frame rate as the other consoles of this generation. But it still works well it’s a tablet what else could expect from a tablet.

The Switch has some features that wirk decently well like the lan multiplayer and the EShop finally saves purchased games to be downloaded to other consoles that your Nintendo account is connected to.

But on the downside its internet connectivity is sometines slowand the wifi connection indcator sonetimes inacurately shows network strenght.

I’d say that if you are a fan of Nintendo you should definitly buy it but if not look at the game lineup I’d still say its a good buy but if you like sports games wait until next year. I’d give it a rating of solid 86


Samsung Unpacked 2016

Earlier today Samsung hosted and event. Heres what they announced

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is waterproof. The phone has an iris sencor  The S-Pen is water and dust proof. Is compatable with usb-c fast-charging.THe phone has a sucure folder only accessable with iris. 

New features in Samsung Notes include: text translation, pinning handwriten notes, handdrawn gifs, not digital lik Aapple Pencil, ip68 waterproof,


The phone has an HDR display  Vulcan API compatible. There will be giveaways for the Vulcan games.the phone supports upto 250gb SD cards

the samsung browser will allow you to login to websites with the iris scanner and eventually have a password vault

watch the video one of the presenters is realy funny:Video here



This Week In Tech 05/13-05/19/2017

This week in tech Google announced Google One. YouTube retooled Red, Sony is ging to be ending manufacturing of Vita game cards, the Xbox adaptive controller, Paypal aquires iZettle, Intel 10nm chip.

Google announced Google One a new cloud storage service. Google One ism’t Drive and storage is cheaper. There are also a whole bunch of other perks. Here’s a link to a TechCrunch article about Google One:

YouTube is ending YouTube Red but not really. YouTube Red is being split into two it will become a Sporify like music service and YouTube Premium wich is the rest of YouTube Red.

Earlier this week Sony told Kotaku that they are going to end production of physical game cards for the PlayStation Vita at then end of their 2018 fiscal year (March 31, 2019).

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Amazon cuts Whole Foods prices for Prime members:

article link
Amazon cuts Whole Foods prices for Prime members
Say hello to Google One
YouTube Unveils New Streaming Service
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
Xbox Adaptive Controller
PayPal Aquires iZettle
Intel finally made a 10nm processor

Google I/O 2018 Keynote

Yesterday Google held their annual I/O event. they made lots of cool and innovative announcment. Waymo was also there. But there were no hardware announcments (other than that the Smart Displays that were announced in January at CES are realecing in July), guess we’d have to wait til the fall.

The first thing that was announced is that Gboard will soon support Morse Code. Then they announced a bunch of updates to GMail including autocomplete in gmail web (it includes calender events, addresses from your contacts, etc). Google Photos cane enxt with the introduction of Suggested sharing and AI reccomended edits.

Now for Google News, the first thing they talked about was the Google News Inisutive. Then they talked a redesign for the Google News app.

A new initutive was talked about a little bit. DIgital Wellbeing is going to introduce a device tracking usage dashboard in android, break reminders  and wind down mode which when active turns your phone screen greyscale at night.

Google Assistant is what cane next. Wavenet is a new “more realistic” voice system. Then they announced Cuntinued Conversation and Multiple Actions which are exactly what they sound like. Asistant will have a new UI that takes advantage of the whole screen. Assistant will be coming to Navigation in Google Maps. Assistant now can make automated reservations over the phone for yuo/. Goggle Lens is getting an update so you can copy text out of it.

Now finally for Android, adaptive brightness was the first feature. Introducing App. Actions basically predictions of certain in app actions and Slices basically pieces of an app that apear riht in search. heres a list of new UI features:

  • swipe up once for suggrsted apps
  • swipe up twice for all apps
  • swipe home button sideways to go throuh
  • if rotation is locked when you rotatea new button in dock
  • shush phone by flipping it over

Next they talked about a couple of software updates to Maps. They are developing an AR mode in Maps which you use the camera. and coming soon the For Me tab which is exactly what it sounds like.

The last thing announced was that Waymo is launchin publically later this year.


Samsung Mobile World Congress 2018

Dj Koh is the first to be called up. Samsung will announce the S9 and S9+ today. Both phones will have the new SmartThings app, Bixby, and more.

The S9 and S9+ will have a headphone jack and a USB-C port for charging. The phone has the Infinity (edge to edge) display. They annoucned (security system name) uses face recognition and iris scannert. THe camera has an auto detect mode. AR Emojis. The S9 will be compatible with ARCore


Catogory S9 S9+
Camera Dual Apirchure, 960 FPS slo-mo Dual Apirchure, 960 FPS slo-mo, dual camera
Menory Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos
Storage expandable storage expandable storage
Price $720 $840
Realese Date Preorder Now, Avalible March 165h Preorder Now, Avalible March 165h

This Week In Tech 01/14-01/20/2018

This week Nintendo announced a new product This week marks the end of support of Windows 8.1. Google Fi and Amazon Prime both getting price changes.

This week Nintendo announced Labo a very interesting product. It is a series cardboard building kits that interact with the Nintendo Switch. Theres a piano kit that works with the Ir sencor in the joycon.

Google is changing the price model of their Fi phone carier. Fi is introducing Bill protection which linits your bill at $60, Fi charges a flat  $20 monthly and $10 per GB, now you’ll get charged to a monthly limit of $60, but after 15GB of usage you’ll be slowed down. Amazon is also raising the price of their prime service by $2.

Nintendo Labo

The End Of Windows 8.1

Everyting You Need To Know From CES 2018 (from big brands)



all new Samsung TVs will have Bixby built-in




Notebook 7 Spin

The Notebook 7 Spin\ is a 2in1 computer that Samsung showed at CES


Samsung Flip






LG announced the V30 at CES

For inages of LG V30 Click Here*



Cloi is LGs personal AI assistant device (like Google Home or Amazon Echo) it uses LGs ThinQ technology and can control LG appliances.



ThinkPad X1

Its the premium version of the  X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga. It has Dolby Vision HDR and Amazon Alexa

Arriving in January, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon starts around $1,700 joined by the X1 Yoga starting at $1,889.

Here are the specs

  • LTE-A
  • Intel 802.1ac dual-band wireless (2×2)
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Up to 1TB SSD PCIe
  • Up to 16GB of memory (2133MHz)
  • Processors up to Intel 8th-gen Core i7

For inages of X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga Solo: Click Here*

Miix 630

The Miix 630 is one of the recentally announced Windows-On-ARM architecture. Its a 2in1 with a 12.3-inch tablet screen and has a Snapdragon 835 processor, It also has 4G LTE.

For inages of Miix 630: Click Here*


Mirage Solo

The Mirage Solo is a new Google Daydream VR headset that Lenovo showed at CES the thing that’s new about this is that is functions without a phone.

For inages of Mirage Solo: Click Here*

Smart Display

The Lenovo Smart Display is the first of a series of Echo Look like Google Assistant driven devices.

For inages of Lenovo Smart Display: Click Here*



Chromebook 14 G5

The 14 G5 is a 2in1 Chromebook with  a 14-inch display, USB-C ports for accessories and external displays  802.11ac (2×2) wireless. compatible with Android apps

Options include:

  • Intel Celeron N3350 or N3450 processors
  • Up to 8GB of memory
  • Up to 64GB of eMMC storage

Chromebook 11 G6

The 11 G6 has a 11.6-inch display, USB-C ports for accessories and external displays 802.11ac (2×2) wireless. compatible with Android apps

Options include:

  • Intel Celeron N3350 or N3450 processors
  • Up to 8GB of memory
  • Up to 64GB of eMMC storage

For inages of both devices: Click Here*





Performance Portable SSD

The Dell Performance Portable SSD is the smallest Thunderbolt 3

external SSD. It releases February 28 with the 500GB model

going for $439 and the 1TB model for $799. 


LG Display

This year at CES LG Display showed off a couple of massive innovations in TVs. They showed a 8K 88 inch TV and a rollable TV

For Images of the Rollable TV: Click Here*



Project Linda

Project Linda is Razors newest concept compurter. Its a 13inch laptop that uses the Razor Phone as a trackpad. Its nearly identical to the current Razer Blade Stealth. Its powered by the Razor Phon which has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU.

For inages of Project Linda: Click Here*


Razor HyperFlux

The HyperFlux is a mouse that charges its self from its mousepad

For inages of HyperFlux: Click Here*



BFGD monitor

The BFGD monitor is a 65 inches HDR monitor with the NVIDIA Sheild software built-in, 120Hz refresh rate,  HDR10. It supports 4K HDR streaming of Netflix, Amazon and others, NAS access, native Kodi support, Plex server capability, HD HomeRun integration and much more.It also has Google Assistant built-in. 

GeForce Now

Geforce Now is a game streaming service.


Vive Pro





Smart Display


Reflect Earbuds






Xperia XA2 and Xperia XA2 Ultra

They both have Android O, a 23-megapixel canera back camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 630

Xperia XA2

32GB of storage, 3GB of RAM, a 3,300mAh battery, 8-megapixel with 120-degree lens front camera, and 5.2-inch display,

Xperia XA2 Ultra

6-inch Display, 16-megapixel (with 8-megapixel 120-degree option) front camera,  32GB and 64GB storage options, 4GB of RAM, and a 3,580mAh battery

Xperia L2

3,300mAh battery, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 8-megapixel with 120-degree lens front camera, Android N, 13-megapixel  back camera, and a 5.5-inch Display.

All Of Them Have

4K Video, expanable storage to 256 GB, a headphone jack, and a 120-degree sefie photos, chrge with USB-C, and have a bock mounted fingerpring sencor.



Amazon Alexa

Amazon Auto will be in Toyota and Lexus Carwhich gives them Alexa Voice Services

Amazon and iHome announced an iHome alarm clock with Alexa built-in


Google Assistant

Gaagle and iHome announced an iHome alarm clock with Google Assistant built-in


All image credits to CNET

Nintendo Direct 01/11/2018

With a great trailer they announced that Dark Souls is coming to Nintendo Switch on Nay 25th it will include the previously realeced DLC.

The next thing that was announced was that The World Ends With You Remix sometine this year

Kirby Star Allies Comes out March 23rd

The Deffinitive Edition of Legend Of Zelda Spinoff Hyrule Wariors is coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring

Msrio Tennis Aces is a new Mario Tennis game coming to Switch this Spring.

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is coming to Switch on May 5th.

Payday 2 Coming to Switch Febuary 27th

Not part of the Nintendp Direct but today Nintendo Of America announced that Detective Pikachu is coming out March 23rd on 3DS

Link To The Direct

Samsung CES 2018

The first thing that was announced was that starting this spring all Samsung IOT devices will be compatable with the SmartThings app. Tied to that they announced the SmartThings Cloud(it will work with all Harmin devices.).Bixby is becoming predictive by 2020 all Samsung devices will have Bixby.


They announced the universal TV guide on their smart TVs it allows you to see a TV guide like interface for streaming and also SmartThings. Bixby is also coming to Samsungs smart TVs


Samsung announced the Notebook 910 The S-Pen Is compatible with it. The next thing they announced was the Samsung Flip. The Filp is a portable digital whiteboard